Work Permits

Foreign and Commonwealth nationals who wish to engage in employment activities in the island, whatever the nature of the employment, are required to obtain a work permit or work permit exemption before entering the country.  A work permit is granted at the discretion of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Jamaica. The work permit should be obtained prior to arrival in Jamaica.

Contact Information:
Ministry of Labour
1F North Street
Kingston, Jamaica

Visas are issued by a Jamaican Consular official only after confirmation that a work permit has been issued to the applicant.

Persons coming to Jamaica for employment purposes must be in possession of the following documents:

  • valid passport;
  • return or round trip ticket;
  • work permit issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security;
  • a visa, if applicable.

Information on the procedures for obtaining a Work Permit may be obtained from the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security at: