Certificat de Coutume/ Laws of Marriage

Guidelines for the application for Certificat de Coutume/ Laws of Marriage:

  • Valid Jamaica Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Any other valid identification
  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marry (Celibacy certificate issued in Jamaica by the Registrar General’s Department in Jamaica – www.rgd.gov.jm – Telephone: +1876-749-0550 )- Please note that a family member can actually apply for this document in Jamaica on your behalf.
  • The Certificate of No Impediment to Marry will need to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jamaica and subsequently by the Embassy of the host country in Kingston before it is returned to you.
  • Proof of payment of fee €40 (this includes a return postage fee) payable to the Embassy’s account number below:

Embassy of Jamaica

ING Bank, Rond Point Schuman 8

B-1040 Brussels

Account N°310 -1389882-55

IBAN No: BE31 3101 3898 8255


Please submit all original documents listed above to the Embassy at its mailing address.