Global Jamaica Diaspora Council

About the Council

The Global Jamaica Diaspora Council is a mechanism geared at facilitating more effective engagement between Jamaica and the Diaspora. The Council will be established towards the end of January 2020.
It reflects inclusivity, expansion and collaboration among and within the Jamaican Diaspora and reinforces the critical partnership between Jamaica and its Diaspora for national development.

The concept of the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council evolved out of discussions with the existing Diaspora Advisory Board members and other stakeholders, including the Economic Growth Council, who agreed that there needed to be an expansion of the engagement within the Diaspora to include new and emerging regions where Jamaicans reside.

The Council will be an advisory and consultative body that will create pathways for increased engagement with the Jamaican Diaspora.
Members will serve for three years which will allow them more time to achieve the agreed deliverables during their tenure.