Renunciation of Jamaican Citizenship

Application for the Renunciation of the Jamaican Citizenship

For the processing of the application for the Renunciation of the Jamaican Citizenship, the following documents are required:

  • Certified copy of your Birth Certificate;
  • Your Jamaican Passport;
  • Certified copy of your Dutch Passport;
  • Two certified photographs;
  • The above-mentioned documents must be certified by the Embassy of Jamaica in Brussels or nearest Jamaican Representative
  • Three declarations of renunciation of Jamaican citizenship which may be obtained from
  • Payment of € 730.00 should be paid directly on the Embassy’s account. This amount includes postage fees. The details for the payment are as follows:

                           Embassy of Jamaica

                           ING, Rond Point Schuman 8

                           B-1040 Brussels

                           Account N° 310 -1389882-55

                           IBAN No: BE31 3101 3898 8255

                           BIC: BBRUBEBB

  • You must also ensure that the name of the person who is applying for the Renunciation of Citizenship is being mentioned on the payment.

The documents mentioned are to be sent to the Embassy here in Brussels for onward transmission to Jamaica.

The Declaration of Renunciation will also need to be legalized by the Jamaican Embassy in Brussels or a Dutch Notary Public/Lawyer.

Processing time for the renunciation is between One (1) and Six (6) months

Consular Department
Embassy of Jamaica, Brussels