Extension of Stay (Schengen visas) – Procedures for Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Portugal and Spain.

Please see information below concerning the procedures for individuals who require an extension of stay in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Portugal and Spain.


The request must be addressed by email directly to the Ministry of the Interior at email address: cs.suivi@ibz.fgov.be

Documents required:

  1. Copy of declaration of arrival in the respective Commune (if applicant is not in possession of such documents, further guidance should be sought from cs.suivi@ibz.fgov.be
  2. Copy of passport including all pages;
  3. Letter explaining why they request the extension of the Schengen Visa;
  4. Documents which prove that the respective airline has cancelled all its flights to Jamaica;
  5. Proof of medical insurance for the requested period

The list of the required documents to be attached will be found on the website: www.dofi.ibz.be and under the section “welcome”.

Belgium issues extension of stay for 2 months valid exclusively in Belgium.


Requests for visa extensions in the Netherlands should be made to the Immigration and Naturalization Service at telephone number088-04.304.30. The visa number needs to be provided by phone. The extension will only be valid for the Netherlands.


The French authorities are extending visa arrangements by three months. Foreign nationals staying in France with a short-term visa who require an extension should submit their requests to the Préfecture of the locality where they are staying.


Visas and documents related to the stay of foreign nationals in Portugal, which have expired after 24th February 2020, remain valid until 30th June 2020.


Expired visas and documents related to the stay of foreign nationals in Spain will remain valid until further notice. Individuals are encouraged to make contact with Spanish immigration authorities for updates on the extension of stay.


The EU has provided general guidance for foreigners who require visa extensions due to the current COVID19 pandemic.  Please see the following link for details: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/coronavirus-what-to-do-if-you-get-stuck-in-the-eu/.


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